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Other New Works (2006-7)

This set of work isn't a group or series. But despite the variety in these pieces, each illustrates my ongoing exploration of the push and pull between actual surface (paper, paint, ink), and the suggested depth of the imagery that emerges from washes (very thin application of paint or ink). 

Some of these paintings have rabbit skin glue applied randomly to serve as a resist - literally, to allow the paper to resist the paint or ink so it doesn't sink in as far.

These are larger works, ranging in size from 36 x 27" to 3' x 4.5'.

Red Tide IV

Red Tide (2005-6)

Red Tide is a group of six small paintings, each about 11 x 14", that are  shown as one piece. These foreshadow the grid of Dispersion, although were not, as with Dispersion, created to hang as a grid.  Each piece was mounted on the back of a shallow, constructed box, and not, as is the case with most works on paper, framed under galss.