Priscilla Fowler ~ Statement
I drop thinned paint and ink into pools of color on paper. The organic imagery that emerges is similar to what's found in nature. No straight lines here: Washes flow unpredictably across surfaces. Color, sometimes iridescent, intensifies arbitrarily where paper buckles from dampness. Sometimes resists alter the surface, or fine lines in ink pick out interesting areas. Surface and space converse. The painting tells me where complex and intriguing forms and edges want to emerge. Attending to these elements is a highly meditative process: non-verbal, not intellectual.

Recent work is on matte-finish plastic (Dura-Lar). As the pools of paint dry, bits of pigment are deposited in subtle layers. The result is a lot like the gorgeous edges of mud puddles slowly drying after rain or snow melt along Colorado's rural dirt roads .

This work is serious play, intensely pleasurable. When it succeeds for me, it conveys the joy and grace of life and invites viewers  into its own world, encouraging them to play "What if?" and other games with what they see.

Priscilla Fowler